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Slider / Rating Widget Questions in WatuPRO + Intelligence 4.7.8

From version 4.7.8 the WordPress quiz plugin WatuPRO supports a new question type – slider / rating. Here is how it looks on the front-end:


The slider can have any range. In this example we have selected from 1 to 100.

Slider questions often don’t need correct or wrong answers, but if you want to set such, you have the option to define unlimited number of correct / wrong ranges. Here is how this looks. This is how you define the slider range:

slider-setupAnd this is how you can define correct/wrong ranges and add points if you wish:


That’s it. At the end of the quiz, the slider displays the rating / value given by the user with or without correct / wrong checkmark depending on your preferences:


Responsive Theme in E.M.M.A.

The membership script E.M.M.A. is updated to version 1.6. The most important in this update is the default responsive theme that comes with the installation package. You can of course enhance the theme or add your own.

There are other small improvements to the menu and the installation procedure.

Certificates to Non-Logged In Users From WatuPRO 4.7.7

From version 4.7.7 the quiz plugin WatuPRO allows issuing certificates to non-logged in users. Certificates work as usual. The only requirement for the certificate to be issued is the user to enter their email address when taking the quiz. This can happen by several methods:

  • If you select “Send email to the user with their results” WatuPRO will make sure email is collected regardless whether the user is logged in or the email is requested by another method.
  • If you request email in theĀ  “Ask user for contact details” section under the “User and Email Related Settings” tab of the “Edit quiz” page. This will work even if “Send email to the user with their results” is not checked.
  • Of course, certificates will be issued to logged in users even if none of the above requirements is satisfied.

Like before, a certificate is assigned only when associated grade / result is achieved.

If you want to send the certificate as email attachment you need to select the following option on the Certificates page:

“Send certificate as attachment if quiz completion email is sent to admin and / or user. Requires PDF Bridge v. 0.8 or newer.”

Non-logged in users will not have the “My Certificates” page even if you use the shortcode to expose this page on the front-end.