Arigato PRO 2.9

Version 2.9 of our WordPress email marketing tool Arigato PRO is ready:

  • Completely redesigned responsive signup forms! (If you have done extensive CSS styling on your current forms please backup the old version before upgrading! We are not responsible if you lose your work).
  • New parameters to the simple shortcode let you define several design-related characteristics like form orientation, labels position, form width, and more.
  • Handling bounces now allows SSL Pop 3 connections.
  • Added option to update subscriber’s data when importing existing subscriber.
  • When mailing list is selected for a newsletter we will show the corresponding custom fields in the list.
  • The custom fields table now shows the variables to be used in email messages.
  • Added shortcode parameter for redirect URL. It allows you to override the list “redirect after sign up” setting and have different redirect URL for every signup form.
  • New option lets you use your WP timezone for emails that will be sent “After N o’clock”.
  • Added checks for unique campaign name and mailing list name.
  • A new variable {{date}} lets you show the date when subscriber signed up.
  • You can optionally switch off adding the unsubscribe link for a mailing list. Do this at your own responsibility.
  • You can set time interval between emails in case you are getting messages bouncing for sending too fast.
  • Admin page tables are now responsive so you can manage your marketing campaign even from your mobile phone.

If you have purchased less than one year ago you are eligible for a free upgrade. Otherwise renewals are priced at 40% of the full price as usual. You can use your coupon code also to include the new Gozaimasu module.