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Namaste! PRO 1.4

The Pro add-on for Namaste! LMS is now updated to version 1.4. Here are the new features, improvements and bug fixes:

    • School accounts. More info at:
    • Added limit for number of students that can sign up under a school account.
    • Class/Group signups can have expiration period. After student’s subscription expires they lose access and need to sign up again.
    • You can now mass assign students to a group (class).
    • Access to the Pro management pages can now be fine-tuned at WP Role level.
    • The student classes/groups will be shown on the Namaste! Manage Students page.
    • Class / group permissions will now be applied to the Manage Students page.
    • Added course re-certification option. Student can be automatically cleaned up (and optionally re-enrolled) X days after course enrollment or completion.
    • When 100% discount code is used the student will directly be signed to the class.
    • Added shortcode to display user badges.
    • Added shortcode parameter “enroll_in” to the namaste-class-signup shortcode. By passing single course ID in this parameter you can automatically enroll the student in the associated course along with signing for the class/group.
    • Added option to leave class. The button is automatically generated when the class-signup shortcode is used on classes that you are already signed in.
    • The course progress table now has links to the lessons.
    • Fixed bug: applying coupon on courses worked randomly on Paypal PDT. Now made sure to handle all cases.

Eligible customers will receive the upgrade for free. If your one year subscription period has expired you can renew for 40% of the full price.




Quizzes for BuddyPress

We have released a new free plugin called Quizzes for BuddyPress which lets you use the power of our existing quiz plugins to enhance user’s experience in your BuddyPress groups.

The plugin allows you to create rules for a couple of scenarios:

  • Taking a quiz (with or without required result and % success) may be required to allow user to join a group. So if the quiz is not completed at all or not completed with the desired result the user will get an error message when they try to join the group.
  • Taking a quiz can automatically join the taker to a selected group or groups (provided that the user is logged in). This rule can work alone or together with the above rule.

These two simple rules allow you to do basic level of filtering to allow joining groups, to reward quiz taking with a group membership or to join users interested in something to a targeted marketing group, and so on.

The plugin is currently integrated with:

The plugin is completely free and can be downloaded at its page at

WatuPRO Bridge to GetResponse

This free bridge is for customers who manage their mailing lists and newsletters with GetResponse. Similarly to our MailChimp bridge, this plugin will let you automatically subscribe users who take quizzes to your campaigns in GetResponse.

Download version 0.4 (7 KB)

The bridge will respect GetResponse double opt-in settings for the given campaign. There is no way to overwrite this.

To use the bridge you will need your GetResponse API key. If you are on GetResponse360 you also need to select your type and enter your domain.

Please note that it takes some time for a subscriber to be sent a confirmation email. So subscribers will not appear immediately in your GetResponse campaign. Do not email us about this.

If you’d rather not pay monthly fees and leave your mailing list data in someone else’s hand, we recommend you our premium WordPress Autoresponder / Drip marketing suite. It comes with one-time fee and optional yearly upgrade fees, and there is also free bridge for connecting WatuPRO.