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Jetpack Bug Causing Problems With Rich Text Editor

This issue is valid for all our (and not just our) plugins: WatuPRO, Arigato PRO, Namaste! LMS, Hostel PRO. The Jetpack contact form is causing all rich text editors used from plugins to freeze.

The bug is discussed in this thread and as you can see it affects users of many other plugins too.

To solve it use the plugin suggested in the thread.

Here is a direct download link to the plugin that has the solution

We have been overloaded with emails due to this so support can be slower than normally.

Basic Math Based On User Answers in WatuPRO

A new shortcode in WatuPRO (from version lets you perform basic math on two of the user’s answers. This shortcode should be used only in the “Final screen” of a test.

Here is the shortcode with all its possible parameters:

[watupro-calculator math=”152+256″ output=”1″ var=”my_var”]


  • math (required) shows the math you want to perform. Note that the numbers in the formula are question IDs and not actual numbers. I.e. you are not telling the shortcode to add 152 and 256, that would be pointless. You are telling the shortcode to add the answer to question with ID 152 to the answer of 256. It assumes answers are numeric and will work properly on numeric answers – i.e. it’s good for single-choice or open-end questions.
    The math can contain expression of 2 questions only with any of the four standard math operations: +, -, /, *.
  • output (optional) defines whether the result will be shown on the screen. The patameter defaults to 1 which means result will be shown. It makes sense to set it to 0 (don’t show) only if you are going to get the result in a variable for next shortcode usage on the same final screen.
  • var (optional) is a variable name where to assign the result for next shortcode usage. Use only letters and underscore.

To make the whole thing above clearer and simpler, let’s make an example.


Let’s pretend to make a simple investment calculator without compounding. We will ask the user for their current savings, the yearly interest (expressed as decimal and NOT percentage) and how many years they want to save.

Here are our questions:

Here is how the shortcode is used in the Final screen:

Here is the example input:

And here is the result:

We took the multiplication of answers to Question 1 (with ID 901) and Question 2 (with ID 902) and put it into variable called “yearly”.

Then we took the yearly interest from the variable and multiplied it by the number of years (question 3 with ID 903) to get the total accumulated simple interest. We also placed this result in the variable total_interest.

Finally we added the answer to Question 1 with ID 901 to the variable total_interest to get the final result.

WatuPRO 5.6

Version 5.6 of our WordPress quiz and survey plugin WatuPRO is ready. Here is the new stuff from version 5.5 to 5.6:

  • The final test grading can now depend on the specific performance in different topics (question categories). Learn more here.
  • When exporting quiz results any fields requested from “Ask for user contact details” area will be added as columns in the exported file.
  • Variable {{{ID}}} can now be used in the question feedback too.
  • Admin pages are now all responsive and will let you manage quizzes from mobile phone. This includes the tables and the modal dialog windows.
  • Export to CSV is now available also on the All Quiz Submissions page.
  • “View results” page and export files include information about number of correct answers, number of wrong answers, and number of unanswered questions.
  • Added Email log (in the Help page) to show log of all emails sent for submitted tests along with the mailing server response.
  • When test results are held for a future date, the My Quizzes page will not show earned points, % and grade until the date arrives.
  • Added shortcode to display “All test submissions” page on the front-end. Role-based restrictions will apply as usual.
  • A new setting lets you configure what part of the quiz result to show when test takings are limited and the user has no more attempts left: just grade title, title & description, or the whole “final screen” part.
  • Added the number of columns to the Advanced Import files.
  • A new option lets you include the optional answer feedback into the %%UNRESOLVED%% variable.
  • Added final-screen variable %%ATTEMPTED%% to show the number of attempted (non-empty) questions.
  • Added check all / uncheck all option for questions on “Copy quiz” page.
  • The basic bar chart (the one you output with watupro-basic-chart shortcode) now also supports a chart showing your points vs. maximum possible points on the quiz.
  • [Intelligence module] Dependencies will be checked first for tests that require payment and depend on another test results. This is to avoid asking user for payment before they know that they must have completed other quiz(zes) before the current one.
  • Improved Namaste! LMS integration: tests can be made accessible only to student that are enrolled in selected courses.
  • [Intelligence module] When quiz results are shown on the front-end with the watupro-takings shortcode the Edit link was not working.
  • [Intelligence module] You can now set custom graphic URL for PayPal button.
  • [Intelligence module] You can set quiz-specific payment instructions that will be shown before the payment buttons for that quiz and override the default “There is a fee of X to access this test” message.
  • [Intelligence module] Quiz bundles can have name which will be shown in Paypal etc. button descriptions instead of the default text.
  • [Intelligence module] Added menu items for quiz bundles and coupon codes.
  • [Reporting module] Added Google Analytics event tracking for quiz start button and quiz completion.
  • [Reporting module] Added new shortcode watupror-taken-tests that will display the number of tests taken by the user vs. number of total tests. See the internal Help page for example and parameters description.
  • [Reporting module] The Skills page will no longer display question categories which have questions only in tests that are not accessible to the given user (because of quiz category / user group restrictions).
  • Fixed potential SQL injection.
  • Fixed bugs on the “View results” page: search by name did not return non logged in users and order by name did not work properly when a quiz had a mix of logged in and not logged in names.
  • Fixed problems with “fill the gaps” questions when gap and answers contain dollar signs.
  • Fixed bug [Reporting module]: the Overview page was counting unfinished quiz attempts.
  • Fixed bug: when answers are arranged in multiple columns emailing results did not include correct / incorrect checkmarks.
  • Fixed bug [Reporting module]: Skills report page was showing Uncategorized by default instead of All categories.
  • Fixed bug: the “View details” popup was showing “wrong answer” for unanswered questions in the table.

As usual the update will be free for you if your order is made less than one year ago. In the other case you are eligible for 60% renewal discount.