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Hostel PRO Conversion Tracking with Google AdWords

While this guide will show you how to implement conversion tracking with Google AdWords, the same principle can be applied for any other conversion tracking code.

From version 1.7.2 the hostel / BnB plugin Hostel PRO supports handling an “onclick” conversion  tracking  code in the Settings page.

OnClick Tracking Code?

Because HostelPRO works explicitly with Ajax, you need to use conversion tracking code that gets executed on button click, rather than code which automatically get executed on page load. The code that you set up in the Hostel PRO Settings page will be executed when the booking form is submitted successfully by the user.

Note that if your hostel requires partial payment on booking, the conversion gets tracked at the time when the payment buttons are shown. It will not wait for the payment to be made or validated.

So to complete conversion tracking  with Google AdWords you need just two steps:

Step 1: Add Google AdWords Tracking Code To Your Pages

If you are using conversion tracking  you have probably done this already. You need to get the AdWords scripts and insert them as shown here in section “Tracking clicks on links or buttons as conversions”.

Step 2: Add The OnClick Handler In Your Hostel PRO Settings Page

The code that you need to add is just “goog_report_conversion()”. No need to add URL in the function:


That’s it.

You can use this field to add any other javascript code that you want to be executed upon completing your form. It is your responsibility to add only valid javascript code.

Please also note that any JS code added here will be eval’d. Don’t give access to your WP administration to people you don’t trust.

Rooms with Overbooking in Hostel PRO

From version 1.6 the hostel management WordPress plugin Hostel PRO has a new option that allows overbooking the number of beds in a room.

What’s the purpose?

Some hostels have multiple rooms of the same type, same price etc. Their owners don’t want to confuse users with for example 10 rooms of the same type in the drop-down on the booking form. Why should you list 10 “2-bed private ensuite” with the same price when you can list it only once?

“Allow overbooking” feature solves this problem.

How to use It?

In the add / edit room page you’ll see a new field saying “Allow overbooking up to [   ] beds”:


Enter the total number of beds you have in rooms of the same type. For example if you have 5 rooms with two beds, enter 10 here.

Keep the number of beds in the room the real one – if it’s a 2 beds room, enter 2 in the “number of beds” field, not 10. The total number should only go in the “Allow overbooking up to…” field.

Create only one room – there is no need to create all the 5 rooms in the system.

When user searches for room they will be able to book even if there are other bookings for the room for the same date – until all the rooms are booked. In the above example, if there are already 5 bookings for given date range, the 6th time someone tries to book, they’ll see the room is unavailable.

This setting works both for private and dorm rooms. Have in mind that when using it for dorms there is a risk that some group of people may need to be separated in 2 or more of the available rooms because the system will allow booking until all the beds are taken.