How To Copy WatuPRO Data from One Site To Another?

This is a frequently asked question about the quiz plugin WatuPRO.

If you want to copy only a single quiz it might be easier to export and import questions from the “Manage Questions” page. More info about export/import formats is available here.

On the other hand, if you want to copy all your quizzes, takings data, and so on, it’s much better to do it through phpMyAdmin. (See how to access phpMyAdmin on your host. If your hosting control panel is different you may need to ask your hosting support.). Here are the steps you need to do assuming WordPress is already installed on your new site.

  1. In your old site go to phpMyAdmin and export all tables that contain “watupro” in their name. When exporting, include structure and data. See how.
  2. Go to your new site, load phpMyAdmin and import the exported file there.
  3. Install WatuPRO on the new site. It will recognize the imported data.