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[WatuPRO] Quiz Not Showing in “My Quizzes” Page or Reports?

Update: from version 4.5.8 you can handle this easier: see here Only quizzes that are published will be shown in “My Quizzes” page and the tabs from the Reporting module – for example the History tab. What means a published quiz? This is a quiz whose shortcode is placed inside the content of a post, page, or custom…

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Getting “None” for Grade/Result in WatuPRO

Here’s a frequently asked question. Why are my users sometimes getting “None” as grade/result on a quiz? The answer is that None is shown when no grade/result matching the points or percentage achieved is found. This is always the reason, no exceptions. So please check your grades. They must cover the whole possible range of: a)…

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How To Use Contact Form 7 in WatuPRO “Final Screen”?

Before answering this, I recommend you to request contact information using this built-in method of WatuPRO. You can also have emails sent with the quiz plugin so in most cases you don’t really need to integrate a contact form in the quiz output. If you still need to do it, it’s easy. Just switch off…

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Low Memory Mode in WatuPRO

Plugin version required: or newer. This feature is built to help users who have too many quizzes and questions to still be able to use the quiz plugin WatuPRO on affordable shared hosts. You can’t expect wonders from shared hosting services and if you have many huge quizzes you may need to move to…

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Receiving Grade “None” Or Unexpected Grade [WatuPRO]

This issue is most often caused by: Your grades do not cover the whole range of points or percentages user can collect. If you are using points for grade calculation, make sure that all possible points are covered from the defined grades. If your best grade has 20 points for “to” and the user collects…

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Regular (No-Ajax) Form Submitting Option from WatuPRO 4.4.6

From version 4.4.6 the quiz plugin WatuPRO supports non-ajax submitting of the quiz. To enable it for selected quizzes go to your WatuPRO Settings page: Why No AJax? Submitting forms by ajax is nice and looks good but in rare cases causes problems: There are other plugins which also use Ajax or extensive JavaScript functions which will…

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WatuPRO Troubleshooting: Emailing Quiz Results

This post will address some of the most common questions / support requests we get about emailing results: Results are not mailed at all In this case please check: Have you selected them to be mailed at all Please have in mind that our plugin only instructs your WordPress installation to send emails. It doesn’t…

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WatuPRO: Cleanup Database Space

By default WatuPRO stores every user’s answer to every question in your database. This allows us to show you this data any time and perform useful reports on it. As the time goes and you are collecting a lot of data from many users and quizzes, your database can become really big. This might be…

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When The %%CERTIFICATE%% Variable In WatuPRO Shows Nothing

If you think that the %%CERTIFICATE%% variable in the “Quiz Output” doesn’t work, please read this post. The variable works fine but is often misunderstood. When the variable outputs a link to a certificate? The variable will output a link only when certificate is earned. If the user did not earn certificate, then the variable…

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