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Basic Math Based On User Answers in WatuPRO

A new shortcode in WatuPRO (from version lets you perform basic math on two of the user’s answers. This shortcode should be used only in the “Final screen” of a test. Here is the shortcode with all its possible parameters: Attributes: math (required) shows the math you want to perform.…

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User Info Shortcodes from WatuPRO Version 4.1.1

From WatuPRO version 4.1.1 and above you no longer need additional plugins to display data from user profile of the logged in user (if you want to display data for another user read the section “Passing User ID” at the bottom). WatuPRO defines own shortcodes that are super easy to use. If you are using…

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Using WatuPRO for Polls (New Shortcodes From Reporting Module)

From version 4.3.7 the quiz plugin WatuPRO¬†supports “poll-like” shortcodes through the Reporting module. The shortcodes render a simple bar chart showing how all users have answered a given question. Here’s an example from our open demo quiz:¬†(note that it pulls random 3 of 5 questions so the frog question will not always be loaded) In…

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WatuPRO Basic Bar Chart

From version 5.0.5 the quiz plugin WatuPRO comes with a basic bar chart shortcode that can be used to display a chart in the final page of the quiz. The chart can be used for two main purposes: a) to show how your result compares to the averages of other quiz takers on the same…

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