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Hostel PRO Conversion Tracking with Google AdWords

While this guide will show you how to implement conversion tracking with Google AdWords, the same principle can be applied for any other conversion tracking code. From version 1.7.2 the hostel / BnB plugin Hostel PRO supports handling an “onclick” conversion  tracking  code in the Settings page. OnClick Tracking Code? Because HostelPRO works explicitly with…

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HostelPRO Developers API

From version 1.7 the WordPress plugin HostelPRO supports basic API to help deveopers extend its functionality. The API currently provides mostly hooks fired when some data in the system is added or changed – i.e. booking is made, room is added, field is deleted etc. If you need a specific hook or filter to be…

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Localization and Styling Of The Datepicker in Hostel and HostelPRO

From version 1.5.9 the HostelPRO WordPress plugin and version 0.8.9 of the free Hostel plugin  there are a couple of settings that will let you easily localize and style the datepicker (calendar). Here is how. Go to the HostelPRO Settings page and scroll near the bottom where you’ll see the following: The first box is…

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Rooms with Overbooking in Hostel PRO

From version 1.6 the hostel management WordPress plugin Hostel PRO has a new option that allows overbooking the number of beds in a room. What’s the purpose? Some hostels have multiple rooms of the same type, same price etc. Their owners don’t want to confuse users with for example 10 rooms of the same type in…

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Using PayPal Payment Data Transfer (PDT) Instead of IPN in Hostel and HostelPRO Plugins

From version 1.7.1 the plugin HostelPRO supports payment verifications by Paypal Data Transfer (PDT). The reason is that some customers may experience delays in receiving the paypal IPN response. The PDT payment mode can also be useful if you are running the plugin on intranet or want to test it on localhost. Here is what…

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