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Certificates to Non-Logged In Users From WatuPRO 4.7.7

From version 4.7.7 the quiz plugin WatuPRO allows issuing certificates to non-logged in users. Certificates work as usual. The only requirement for the certificate to be issued is the user to enter their email address when taking the quiz. This can happen by several methods: If you select “Send email to the user with their…

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Free Certificate Templates for WatuPRO

We have created 3 free certificate templates for WatuPRO. You can use them as base to design your own good-looking certificates. Feel free to download any or all of them. Each certificate contains the necessary HTML code and graphics. So if you want to use them, you need to do this: 1. Download the certificate…

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Using All “Final Page” Variables in WatuPRO Certificates

If you use the certificates feature in WatuPRO you have probably noticed that not all variables available in the “Final Page / Quiz Output” box are available in the certificate. Why? The answer is very simple: many variables are calculated on the fly when user submits the quiz. They cannot be calculated at a later…

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When The %%CERTIFICATE%% Variable In WatuPRO Shows Nothing

If you think that the %%CERTIFICATE%% variable in the “Quiz Output” doesn’t work, please read this post. The variable works fine but is often misunderstood. When the variable outputs a link to a certificate? The variable will output a link only when certificate is earned. If the user did not earn certificate, then the variable…

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