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[WatuPRO Intelligence] Runtime Logic in WatuPRO + Intelligence Module

The following runtime logics are supported from WatuPRO + Intelligence module version 4.9.7. Both logics require the quiz to be paginated “Each question on its own page” for the obvious reason that we need to be able to figure out how many questions they have gone through so far. Premature Quiz Ending This allows you…

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[WatuPRO] How To Display Different Content Depending on Last / Not Last Quiz Attempt

WatuPRO has a setting to limit the number of quiz attempts by IP addres (or by username if your quiz requires user login). Sometimes you may want to display different message to the user depending on whether this is their last quiz attempt or not. For example you may want to conditionally display text like…

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Getting “None” for Grade/Result in WatuPRO

Here’s a frequently asked question. Why are my users sometimes getting “None” as grade/result on a quiz? The answer is that None is shown when no grade/result matching the points or percentage achieved is found. This is always the reason, no exceptions. So please check your grades. They must cover the whole possible range of: a)…

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How To Display Different Message When The User Passes and Fails a Quiz?

Actually WatuPRO is a lot more flexible than having “Failed” and “Passed” outcomes of a quiz. But many users need only “Failed” and “Passed” and the question how to display different content depending on this outcome comes often. It’s very easy: Step 1: Create “Passed” and “Failed” grades Click on the “Grades” link for the…

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How To See Quiz Results and Reports of Students in WatuPRO

Accessing your own quizzes and reports in WatuPRO is easy – it’s all under “My Quizzes” link. But how can you as admin see the reports and quizzes of your students? It’s also easy and you don’t need to login as each of them. But let’s split the question in two parts. How do you…

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Receiving Grade “None” Or Unexpected Grade [WatuPRO]

This issue is most often caused by: Your grades do not cover the whole range of points or percentages user can collect. If you are using points for grade calculation, make sure that all possible points are covered from the defined grades. If your best grade has 20 points for “to” and the user collects…

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Test Grade Based on Question Category Performance [WatuPRO]

From version 5.5.8 the quiz/survey plugin WatuPRO supports yet another interesting option for grading the user’s performance: a grade based on the performance in each question category /  theme. What Does It Mean? This is different than showing grade/performance per category. It’s a method to grade the whole test (and typically determine whether it’s passed…

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Using Category Grades or Showing Performance Per Category in Watu PRO

This short visual guide will clarify the common misconceptions about using “category grades” in WatuPRO. Note: Creating category grades is optional. You can show category performance with points and percent correct answers even without creating category grades. Just skip step 2 and don’t use the grade variables in step 3 (but feel free to use any other…

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WatuPRO Troubleshooting: Emailing Quiz Results

This post will address some of the most common questions / support requests we get about emailing results: Results are not mailed at all In this case please check: Have you selected them to be mailed at all Please have in mind that our plugin only instructs your WordPress installation to send emails. It doesn’t…

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