Nice Testimonial Received about BF Autoresponder

Normally I don’t ask people for testimonials neither I did it this time. I consider my customer service very good, but I know I sometimes answer the support requests as a typical geek. So it always surprises me nicely when customer say such a nice thing.

Mike Moyer is using the software for his Trade Show Samurai site in a live environment so this has been a great test for me as well. He even discovered a bug which is useful for everyone who will buy the autoresponder.

Thanks Mike, and wish you success with your project.

3 thoughts on “Nice Testimonial Received about BF Autoresponder

  1. Dess

    I was thinking of using self hosted autoreponders however some said it is not a good idea because if the email services blacklist my domain then my messages will end up in spam folder. So I started with imnicamail which are fine. What is your opinion on the use of self hosted autoresponder scripts?

  2. admin Post author

    Dess, there is always such risk, but in most cases having working unsubscribe link (which BF has) is sufficient to prove you are not spammer. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, self-hosting requires a bit more careful using (no spam, double opt-in etc). But you have complete freedom what do with a self-hosted software and much lower cost.

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