PHP Auto Responder, Basic and PRO Update

We’ve just shipped a new version of our PHP Autoresponder. Now the Basic is version 3.0 and PRO is version 1.3.

What’s new:

  • Mass delete users
  • Read mails are now tracked for autoresponder campaigns as well. This means you can see who actually has read each of the mails in your campaign.
  • CKEDITOR is updated to the latest version
  • PRO only: you can now add clickable link to display email in a browser (like “If this email does not properly display click here to read it online”). This is configurable for every single message
  • Of course various bug fixes and internal improvements

Upgrade terms: existing users who bough less than 1 year ago get it for free. If one year has expired you can buy the upgrade for 40% of the regular price and this starts another 1 year of free support and upgrades.

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