Practice Mode Exams in WatuPRO

The “Practice mode” which is available in the Intelligence module of WatuPRO sometimes causes a bit of confusion. Let’s clear it all here by outlining some important points.

The purpose of practice mode is to let user train themselves on the matter – not to calculate grade or show them the right answers. Because of this “Practice mode” exams work this way:

  • Grade and result is not calculated
  • The user performance is not stored anywhere
  • Answers to the questions are not shown – it only shows if the answer is correct or not. If you want to display the answer you can use the “optional answer explanation” field. It’s shown even in practice mode.
  • Questions are always shown one per page
  • Many settings like payment required, timers, grouping, and so on are disregarded in practice mode.

So if you want all your settings to be taken into account, answers to be revealed and so on, please use “Live mode” exam.

Alternative of Practice Mode

From version WatuPRO supports one option that in many cases will be more suitable for practice. It’s available on the Advanced Settings tab of the Edit Quiz page:

dont-store-takingSuch quizzes will work exactly as live quizzes except that the results achieved here will not affect reprots, user points balance, stats, anything. And on top of this, the data from such quizzes won’t fill your database which is important for customers with thousands of quiz takers that don’t need to run reports.