User Field Shortcodes and Dynamic Thank-You Pages from Arigato PRO 2.7.4

From version 2.7.4 Arigato PRO supports shortcodes that will display information from selected subscriber’s profile on a page on your site.
The most common scenario to use this is to create a dynamic thank-you page which is prepopulated with subscriber’s data and shown to them right after subscribing or after email confirmation. In order to make this work we have also added an option to automatically prepend user ID when doing redirects. Read on to learn how to use all this:

Using The Shortcodes

Use the shortcode in the following format:

[bftpro-user-field field=”field_name” default=”Default value”]

This format expects that user ID will be sent in the URL as argument called “arigatopro_id“. This can happen automatically after registration as explained in the second part of this article. If you are using some other configuration you may need to take care for prepending the user ID yourself. An alternative to this is to add the shortcode parameter “user_id” in the shortcode like this: Default value

Where does the field name come from? There are four fields presented in every mailing list: name, email, ip, date. Use the names exactly as shown here. You can also include custom fields the same way – just pass the field name (not label) to the “field” parameter.

Here is the how the thank you page that you get after signing up for our demo list is done:


Using default values is recommended because someone could be visiting your page without the proper URL parameter.

Prepend Subscriber ID On Redirect

To make using the above shortcodes simple we have added a new option on the Add / Edit Mailing List page next to both redirects:


This way you can be sure the ID is passed and can make a page like the one from the example in the previous section yourself.