Watu Plus 1.2

What’s new in Watu Plus 1.2:

  • Select random questions from a pool. This feature allows you to create many questions in one exam and then have each student see only a small number of them, randomly selected and server. Makes the exam unique for every sitting.
  • Import/Export students in user groups as CSV file. This will make your life easier if you want to mass edit student records in Excel or to import users from existing database.

As usual old customers can purchase upgrade with 50% discount, and upgrades are free if you have purchased Watu Plus less than one year ago.

3 thoughts on “Watu Plus 1.2

  1. david leung

    Hi Bobby,

    Do you have or is there a software available for sale for the following purpose: to sell an online course (Pls see http://www.365trafficschool.com/ for an example)in which a student completes a form, pays a fee to open an account, a password is given to log-in, a pdf of my book is displayed, and a link is given to take tests on WATU.PLUS.?

    Thank you.


  2. admin Post author

    Hi David,

    You can use E.M.M.A. or any other similar membership software for this. It will let you create members only content which can contain the PDF and some page with a link for an exam. Let me know if you need further assistance (Feel free to mail me at admin@pimteam.net if you wish)

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