Watu PRO Version 1.1

Of course we listed to feedback and I hear you. So here’s the first upgrade to WatuPRO:

1. The questions are now numbered and you’ll see “Question 2 of 15” etc so you know better how much is left to take the exam.

2. You can configure what to display when every exam is taken – the result text only or to include the questions along with the answers and marks for correct/incorrect one.

3. Logged in users can continue taking the exam even if closing the browser, on another day, or even year. This feature is disabled for time-limited exams to avoid cheating.

Old customers bought WatuPRO this year are eligible for free upgrade. Please just mail me and let me know to send you the zip. Please do read this before upgrading.

2 thoughts on “Watu PRO Version 1.1

  1. Joan

    Hi there!
    I am really loving Watu Pro, but I have a question. I need to choose which columns are exported into the CSV file so that I can then upload them into my grade book. The export has several pieces of information in each column which makes it impossible.
    How can I export the records so that there is 1 column with username and 1 column as points (numeric only)?


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Joan,

    The columns in the export file are: Username;Email;IP;Date;Points;Grade

    If you are getting data mixed in one column this means the import is not done correctly. Please make sure that you select “semicolon” as field delimiter as importing.

    Once opened correctly you can simply delete the columns that you don’t need right from your Excel software.

    Feel free to mail me at info@calendarscripts.info if you need further assistance.

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