WatuPRO 2.5

WatuPRO has been upgraded to version 2.5. Here is what’s new:

– Download full details of exam submission in addition to the download summary of everyone’s results.

– You can now use shortcodes from other plugins inside exam description, questions, and choices.

Copy exam feature that lets you clone entire exam into a new one, or just copy the questions from one exam to another.

– Define how many times user can re-take a test (as opposed to defining just “once” or “many times” like it was before this version).

Internationalization ready. Finally we sorted out all the texts and included a .pot file so it should be easy to translate the plugin to foreign languages.

All existing customers will get the upgrade for free because all orders are from 2012. If you don’t receive your upgrade please contact me at info@calendarscripts.info.

And please don’t forget the upgrade procedure, it’s really easy: http://calendarscripts.info/forum/discussion/32/how-to-upgrade-watu-pro#Item_1

5 thoughts on “WatuPRO 2.5

  1. Sokon

    Hi there,

    is it right that the new file is a standalone?
    So i don’t have to install 2.0 at first an then add 2.5, right?

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, it’s the full plugin inside. So just remove the old one if you have one it and install 2.5.

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