WatuPRO 2.6 and Intelligence Module

There is a minor update to WatuPRO to version 2.6. From user’s point of view the main difference is that you can now click to view your published exams in their posts right from Exams list page. Few minor bugs are also fixed.

The more important work went on the backend to make WatuPRO compatible with Intelligence module in a way that the core plugin shares same codebase in both version (A post for developers is coming soon).

Intelligence Module will be interested to the customers who want to run one or more of the following:

4 thoughts on “WatuPRO 2.6 and Intelligence Module

  1. Steve


    I have purchased WatuPRO 2.6 and am setting it up now. I can display the Grades I have set up (on the Final Screen) using the %%GRADE%% points-based variable.

    However I do not see where I can set up Ratings using the %%RATINGS%% variable to display percentage based results.


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Steve,

    %%RATING%% is pre-defined, i.e. not configurable. So if you want to define the texts that are shown to the user, better stick to grades.

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