WatuPRO 3.2

There’s no joke, we really hear your feedback. And the latest update to¬†WatuPRO is proving this again. Let’s get right to the news:

  1. Shortcode for showing only unresolved questions on the results screen. This is useful if you want to show the users which questions they didn’t answer correctly but without revealing the correct answers to them.
  2. Pull a number of random questions per category. Now the old randomization feature lets you spread the number of questions equally per question category.
  3. Option to send email with user results to the quiz taker even when they are not registered.
  4. Paginate per category – show questions from each category on their own page.
  5. Minified javascript for faster loading.
  6. You can now use decimals in points.
  7. Randomize questions but don’t randomize answers to them (option)
  8. Reuse questions from another exam on the fly – Intelligence module only

As usual old customers who purchased less than 12 months ago will get the upgrade for free. Otherwise it’s just 40% of the full price.

Thanks for being with us and keep those suggestions coming!

5 thoughts on “WatuPRO 3.2

  1. Claudio

    Hi guys,
    great job! Watupro is really great and keeps improving.
    For the next releases it would be nice to have the certificates in PDF as printing them in color from HTML is a mess and depends on the browser. You could just plug a HTML to PDF transcoder and keep both formats.

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