WatuPRO 3.3

This version of WatuPRO comes shortly after the last one as we wanted to address several important issues.

So here is what’s new:

  • Admin can now see the student’s dashboard along with their exams and reports (in Reporting module)
  • Admin can filter questions by category when managing them
  • Manage questions category page that lets you delete and edit the existing categories
  • You can now allow other roles – Editors, Authors and Contributors – to create and edit quizzes. Thus you can delegate the work of making the quizzes to someone else without heading them your main admin login.
  • A new shortcode lets you display user’s answers on the final screen. This is an improvement compared to using the “Display answers” option because it lets you choose a place and text that will go before the answers.
  • You can now define a different content to be sent by email than the content shown on-screen after taking the test. This is useful if you want to force users to check their email or dashboard instead of showing them the results right on the screen.
  • Improved localization – we’ve had some strings in the javascript in the last .pot file. Now everything is translated.

That’s it for now! Expect a guide on translation in a day or two, as we often get questions about this.

As usual the upgrade is free if you have bought less than 1 year ago, otherwise upgrading is just 40% of the regular price and starts another 1 year cycle of free upgrades and support.

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  1. 34a

    Hey there,

    can you send me the updated version too please?
    My customer-mail is the same like of this post.


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