WatuPRO 3.5

This update solved some really hard problems and added several features that some customers eagerly waited for.
Here you are:

  1. Improved import/export that will let you copy exams to different blogs
  2. Show answers immediately – this button can be activated for tests that are paginated one question per page.
  3. Shortcode for a basic leaderboard of best performing users
  4. Grade on a category level. Now you can grade the users and display their performance for each question category.
  5. Resolved conflict with Paid Membership PRO so finally you can use this plugin with WatuPRO.

As usual, existing members who purchased it less than one year ago will get the upgrade for free with the newsletter. If you have bought more than 1 year ago, you can restart the 1 year loop with paying just 40% of the current version prices.

2 thoughts on “WatuPRO 3.5

  1. Oland Andig

    How can I copy the exact questions from exam to another exam?

    I tried the Export to copy then Import questions, but it doesn’t allow me to copy the exact questions. For example only the questions are uploaded not the answers, and it added a questions from other part of questions I think.

    Is there any way where you can simply copy the questions from exam 1 to exam 2 for example?

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