WatuPRO 4.5 – Chained Logic, File Uploads, New Quiz Page Design, and More

Here is the latest update to WatuPRO:

  1. A new setting lets you allow users to flag questions for review
  2. Now there is much easier way to request user email, name and other contact info – see here
  3. You can now set up no-ajax submitting of some quizzes to accept file uploads and for other reasons (learn more)
  4. When using category grades and the %%CATGRADES%% variable you can also control the order the category results appear at the end: default, from best to worst, or from worst to best category by user performance
  5. Added “Time spent” column in the “View results” page
  6. The add / edit quiz form has been redesigned with tabs to make it easier to use
  7. You can pass a list of comma separated question IDs in the shortcode to specify exactly which questions to be shown and disregard any randomization and grouping settings. This is yet another method to reuse questions from same quiz in multiple setups. The format to use is where X is the quiz ID. This is internally called by the free User Choice add-on
  8. The free User Choice addon lets you publish quizzes in which the user selects what questions to answer.
  9. The new Chained logic addon – see here
  10. Option to auto-publish unpublished quiz at the time of creating or editing it
  11. You can allow users to select WatuPRO user group when signing up
  12.  Twitter sharing is now available in our free social sharing addon
  13. [Intelligence module] A new shortcode lets you expand the information show for personality quiz results. Please check the internal Help page for more info and example.
  14. [Intelligence module] Now personality quizzes allow matching one answer to multiple results. This will be useful if you don’t always relate answers 1:1 to results (for example having 30 personality types should not mean that you need 30 possible answers on every question)
  15. Changed the quiz shortcode to small letters for better compatibility with other plugins. The old codes will remain working
  16. When questions are grouped by category the category title and description will be shown in all quiz pagination types (used to be shown only when the quiz is paginated “one page per question category”)
  17. Stats per questions also shows number and % unanswered (Reporting module)
  18. Fixed % calculations in the poll shortcode (Reporting module)
  19.  Auto-stop any playing audio questions when user moves from page to page
  20. Added filters from WP Quick LaTeX so you can now use everything from that plugin (this is the best LaTeX plugin!)
  21. Fixed bug with “time taken” for non-logged in users on paginated quizzes

Eligible customers will receive the update by a newsletter. In case your free upgrades subscription has expired you can renew for another year with 60% discount.