WatuPRO Bridge to Campaign Monitor

This free bridge is for customers who manage their mailing lists and newsletters with Campaign Monitor. Similarly to our MailChimp bridge, this plugin will let you automatically subscribe users who take quizzes to your mailing lists in Campaign Monitor.

Download version 0.4 (~300 KB)

The bridge will respect Campaign Monitor’s double opt-in settings for the given mailing list. There is no way to overwrite this.

To use the bridge you’ll need your Campaign Monitor API keys and the IDs of the mailing lists you want to use. Please don’t ask us why finding out the ID is so complicated 🙂 Campaign Monitor does not allow a method to select all lists so you have to use the ID instead of seleting the list from a drop-down:


If you’d rather not pay monthly fees and leave your mailing list data in someone else’s hand, we recommend you our premium WordPress Autoresponder / Drip marketing suite. It comes with one-time fee and optional yearly upgrade fees, and there is also free bridge for connecting WatuPRO.