[WatuPRO Intelligence] Runtime Logic in WatuPRO + Intelligence Module

The following runtime logics are supported from WatuPRO + Intelligence module version 4.9.7. Both logics require the quiz to be paginated “Each question on its own page” for the obvious reason that we need to be able to figure out how many questions they have gone through so far.

Premature Quiz Ending

This allows you to auto-submit the quiz before the last question if the user fails to meet required % correct answers during the quiz. You can choose the required % and you can choose after which question to start doing this check (because it usually doesn’t make sense to do it before the user answered at least several questions).

If the user keeps their correct answers above the threshold they can continue with the quiz. Otherwise the quiz is automatically submitted with the questions answered up to that point. Normally this means the test taker has failed the test.

Prevent Moving Forward

Some quizzes are built to educate the user rather than to assess them. In such quizzes you may want to encourage the user to answer questions correctly before they can continue further. This option lets you disallow going further until the previously answered questions are at least X% correctly answered.

In such quizzes you need to enable either previous button or numbered paginator – otherwise the user can be locked and unable to continue or submit the quiz.

Here is how these configurations look. You can find them in Edit Quiz -> Intelligence Module tab:

runtime-logicNote that entering non-zero numeric value in the boxes will set “automatically store user progress as they go from page to page” to true when you save the quiz.