WatuPRO: Quick Getting Started Guide

Here is how to start really quick with WatuPRO:

  1. Go to Create new quiz page:create-exam
  2. You can skip filling almost everything – just entering quiz name is enough. However you may want to check at least the “Final page / Quiz output” tab. It gives you full control over what the user sees when they submit the quiz. Maybe there is something you want to add or remove there:
  3. Once the test is saved you’ll be taken to a page to create questions. Please add some, a test makes no sense without any questions.
  4. If you want to create grades, you can do this after the quiz is saved and questions created by clicking on the “Grades” link for the new quiz:show-hide-grade
  5. Go back to edit the quiz. Check the checkbox shown below to have the quiz automatically published when you save it:
    auto-publishAlternatively you can copy the quiz shortcode from the “Quizzes” page and publish it yourself in a post, page, custom post type, etc.
  6. You can view who submitted your new quiz by clicking on the hyperlinked number under the “View Results” column. You will see all the details, and you can filter through them, import, export them, etc.taken
  7. That’s it! Feel free to create quiz categories and question categories, certificates, and user groups.

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