WatuPRO to Arigato PRO Bridge

Do you want the users who take your WatuPRO quizzes to get signed up to a mailing list or an auto-responder marketing campaign?
This is now easy with the new bridge that connects WatuPRO to Arigato PRO (a.k.a. BroadFast PRO). It will let you specify a relation between quizzes and mailing lists so when someone completes a specified quiz, they are automatically subscribed in the corresponding mailing list. The plugin will work even for non-logged in users as long as email is provided (which will be if you select “Email user their results” in the quiz settings).

From version 0.8 (updated in June 2014) you can also specify desired grade and thus have users achieving different grades be subscribed in different mailing lists.

The bridge is absolutely free and can beĀ downloaded here.

Install and activate it. Then under your WatuPRO menu you’ll see a new page called “Bridge to Arigato PRO”. Download and enjoy it.