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Personality Quizzes in WatuPRO

From version 4.0 the Intelligence module of WatuPRO supports personality quizzes.

Here is a really basic example.

And here is how you can create such quiz:

1. You need the Intelligence module installed. When creating your quiz you need to check the following checkbox in the “Inteligence Module Settings” area:

Treat this quiz as a personality quiz


2. It’s recommended to then go and create your Personality types:



Unlike Grades, the personality types do not have “from points” – “to points” setting. This is because they are directly matched to question answers (see below).
If you wish you can assign certificates just like in the knowledge quizzes.

3. Create your questions

When creating them, directly match the possible answers to the possible results:

If you wish you can use “Correct answer” and “points” fields but they usually don’t make sense in personality quizzes. Only the “Assign to grade” selection will be taken into account when calculating the result of the quiz.

From WatuPRO version and above points actually matter. Quizzes work as they used to when you enter 0 or 1 point. We will count one point for the associated personality type(s) in both these cases (because adding zero when you have selected that personality type makes no sense). But this and future versions allow you to enter more points and they will be calculated to the associated personality type(s). So you can give some question  or answer more weight by assigning 2 or more points to it.

Sortable questions are special case. Learn more about them here.

4. Setup your Final screen:


This is not too different than the final screen on knowledge quizzes and exams. Except that most probably you won’t use tags for number of points and correct answers (although you can include this information if you wish).

That’s it.

Elaborating Quiz Results

You can also elaborate this by including information how the different personality types rank for the given quiz taker. The information below is also available in the internal Help page of the plugin:

The following shortcode can be used only in the “Final Screen” and email box to improve the content shown to the user on personality quizzes. Many personality quizzes work better when displaying not just the assigned personality type but also information how many answers the user gave for the other types. Here is how to use it with an example:

[watupro-expand-personality-result sort="best" limit=3 empty="false"]
For personality type {{{personality-type}}} you collected {{{num-answers}}} points.

The text inside the shortcode will be repeated for every personality type. All the arguments in the shortcodes are optional:

  • sort defines how the types are sorted. You can sort by “best” (most answers collected type on top), “worst” (least on top), “alpha” (alphabetically by type title). If you don’t specify the parameter the types will be sorted by the order you created them.
  • limit can be used to limit the number of personality types shown after sorting. Will be useful if you have tens of personality types and want to show only the ones that user gave most answers for. Or set to “1” to display information only for the type they received as result. If you don’t include this parameter all the existing types will be shown.
  • empty defines whether the personality types that got 0 answers will be shown. When the parametter is skipped, they will be shown. When set to “false” they will be excluded.

Multiple Personality Types

From WatuPRO 5.3 in case several personality types rank first with the same number of “points” they will all be displayed to the quiz taker.

If you have assigned certificates they won’t be issued in these cases (this may change in a future version).

Sample Personality Quiz: What is The Best Fruit For You?

The sole purpose of this quiz is to demonstrate how personality quizzes in WatuPRO + Intelligence module work. Please don’t take the result too seriously 🙂

1. What is your favorite color?
2. Do you like soft or hard fruits?
3. Where do you leave?


JoResponder 1.3

We just managed to do important cleanup and bug fixing on our Joomla auto-responder JoResponder. The Changelog of version 1.3:

  1. Improved usability
  2. Fixed bug when editing email message and both date / send after were required
  3. Added email validation and improved usability on add/edit user page
  4. Moved import/export on new pages and fixed bugs

JoResponder is free and is going to be kept up to date, so don’t hesitate to download and use it. Please let us know any feature requests and bug reports.