How To Conduct Surveys With WatuPRO

WatuPRO is a quiz plugin but it’s also perfect for running surveys. Survey is essentially a quiz that doesn’t give specific result / outcome to the user but presents the admin with the data of the user’s answers.

Here is what you need to do to run a survey with WatuPRO:

  •  Mark the questions as “survey” questions. This is done with a checkbox on the Add / Edit Question page saying “This is a survey question. This will ensure no green / red checkmark will be shown if you decide to show user’s answers on the “final screen”
  • Don’t create grades. Nothing stops you to create grades but typically surveys do not grade the user’s performance.
  • View the results. You can then view, export, etc all the answers of the respondents. More information here.

The above is enough to run functional survey. However there are several tools that can make surveys created with WatuPRO even better:

The Reporting Module

If you include the Reporting module with your WatuPRO purchase you’ll be able to see a lot more structured data and analytics on the survey responses. See some screenshots here.

The poll-like shortcodes enabled by the Reporting module let you also present structured %-based data for every question to the user. Example here. Obviously you can use them to also run simple one-question polls.

The Likert Scale Survey Maker

If you want to run a likert scale survey we have a free helper plugin that will make your work so much easier. It makes adding a lot of survey questions at least ten time faster than via the standard way and predefines the quiz settings to be most appropriate for a survey. Don’t worry, all the questions and settings are then editable just like in any quiz made with WatuPRO.