WatuPRO Demo Exam 2

This is a demo of WatuPRO.

This exam reuqires registration to be completed. While the questions/answers are the same as in “Open exam”, they will be displayed all, each time, so the maximum point number is 15. On top of that you have only 3 minutes to complete it – it’s exam with a timer. Questions and answers are randomized each time. Once logged in, you can take the quiz many times. This is also configurable, as the admin may decide to disallow second taking of the same exam. Unlike the other demo exam, this one shows all questions on one page – which is also configurable from the administration.

Upon completion and receiving “Passed” grade (if you receive at least 8 points), you will be able to print customized “certificate“. It’s a simple one here, but you can use as complex and rich HTML as you wish.

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27 thoughts on “WatuPRO Demo Exam 2

  1. Lawal

    Kindly advise me. I want to buy the plugin, but I want to know if it can allow users to save their test taken from where they stop previously and continue from there next time they logon to the test with their previously accumulated scores reading upward as they score more answers during the time and days duration of the test, and also score each users immediately, display the score of all users at sidebar, so that all users can see their scores to challenge more competitiveness.

    I want the users to only answer just ten questions on a ticket, so the more ticket the user has to logon the more opportunity for him/her to answer and take more test to add more score to his/her profile and the three highest scorers will be notified and awarded my price and award.

    I want all these done on a wp plugin that will allow users to answer each question within a stipulated time frame e.g 30 sec/ question correctly answered question gain the alloted score within the time span while the wrongly awarded marks be awarded half marks within the time frame and the unattended question be awarded zero.

  2. Kramfors Data

    Cant print the Certificate:
    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    Would be nice to se it !

  3. admin Post author

    Hm, I have no problems viewing certificates with a regular user account. Could you try again? We just uploaded the latest version so you can obtain the link from My Certificates page once you log in.

  4. admin Post author

    Not at this time I’m afraid. Generating PDF from random HTML is really hard, and we don’t want to add more than 10 MB to the download file just to include some of the available HTML to PDF libraries.

  5. Coop


    Please advise me: we are about to buy the plugin, but I need to know if it can allow users to add points from several quiz.

    The idea is to give the opportunity to answer and take more test to add more score to one’s profile in order to get a grade every 100 points.

    Is it possible?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  6. buffamazon

    Is there a way to attach a payment to the user login? I would like to use this for a a modular certification program, that is a pay-as-you-go toward a final certificate.


  7. admin Post author

    Hi, the Intelligence module offers payment per-quiz. Is that what you are lookign for? The other option is to use a membership plugin, WatuPRO works great with “Membership” by Wpmudev – both with the free and the paid version.

  8. Chris

    Hi – I’m helping a client that’s considering moving from her separate testing software site (iGiveTest) to one that’s able to be integrated with her WordPress website… hence my visit here.

    She provides e-learning for financial topics (regulated in the US) and then provides documented testing online. So far, your plugin looks ideal.

    One concern, though, that I can’t find addressed: Her subjects are long and technical, and the exams are lengthy and detailed – and students (professionals, part-time students, etc) often can’t complete their exam in a single session.

    Is it possible to begin a test with your plugin, complete it partially, and then return (hours, days) later to complete?

    So far, I’m loving what I see here, but this is a definite must-have for her….

    Thanks (hopefully!) in advance,


  9. admin Post author

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your questions. Yes, this is possible when two conditions are met:

    a) The exam requires user log-in (quite obvious)
    b) The exam is paginated one question per page (because we use the next/previous event to store an answer)

  10. Ian

    Is there a way to collect more information from people that register, other than username and email?

    For example, I use WP-Members plugin to collect more information (phone, address, etc.) when people register on my WP site.

  11. admin Post author

    Absolutely, in fact you can keep using the same plugin to collect the information. WatuPRO works with the Users system used in your blog, so any plugin that collects additional info will work with WatuPRO as well.

  12. Christian

    Can this plugin manage registration of students or Can this plugin work if you already have a membership plugin installed and activated?

    Is it possible to just upload results of users who take the exam offline?

    Can you have exams for a particular course for students who offer only that course?

  13. admin Post author

    Yes, no problem, you can allow other roles to work with the exams.
    Uploading results – you will have to do it manually by taking the test with their details.
    On the latest question – yes, you can have different categories and user groups and thus give access to different students to different tests.

  14. Katherine


    Thanks for the plugin.
    I have met some difficulties, the link URL for (register or login) redirect to 404 page. because i have set all the users need to register or login then can take the test.

    could you please tell how to change ( You need to be registered or logged in to before take the quiz ) (Register Log in), I found Watu pro plugin edit , but i can not find where they appear. could you please tell me how to make the changes.

    I found the above two links actually are now exist . By the way I use User meta as a member plugin.

    Thank you very much.

  15. prasunsen

    Not sure I understand your question. Are you asking how to change the URLs of the login? If you are a pro customer please send us email to have a look at your links.

  16. Katherine


    I mean when the visitor coming to site to take the quiz without register or login, the visitor will the sentence ( You need to be registered or logged …) and the link for (register) and ( login)

    this sentence is default by the plugin. Also the (register) and (login) URL is default by the plugin.

    I found the URL is 404 page, when the visitor click
    ( register) and (login) , they show 404 page.

    I want to know how i can customise ( register) and (login) URL.


  17. Katherine

    Dear Prasunsen
    Thank you very much, I want to edit the models/user.php on my own, could you please teach me how to edit.

    I have found the codes I probably need to make the change in models/user.php

    I want the visitors click “Register”, the URL link to http://www.mysite.com/registration/

    and I want the visitors click “Login”, the URL link to http://www.mysite.com/login/

    Please confirm if these codes need to customised. Thanks.

    if(!is_user_logged_in()) {
    echo ““.__(‘You need to be registered and logged in to take this exam.’, ‘watupro’).
    ID )).”‘>”.__(‘Log in’, ‘watupro’).”“;
    if(get_option(“users_can_register”)) {
    echo ” “.__(‘or’, ‘watupro’).” ID )).”‘>”.__(‘Register’, ‘watupro’).”
    echo “”;

  18. Katherine


    Thank you for your reply, can you tell me how to change the URL in the user.php?

    I tried to put my register and login URL instead, but it did not work. Thanks.

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