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[WatuPRO] How To Change The Wording On True / False Questions

WatuPRO has a handy “true/false” question type. Essentially this is just a “single choice” question with pre-defined options – true and false. If you want to change the words “True” and “False” to something else or to another language you need to use Loco Translate just like you would do when translating the plugin interface.…

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[WatuPRO] How to Open The Export Files (Tab Delimited CSV Files)

In WatuPRO all export files are TAB (tabulator) delimited CSV files. The reason we use this format is because comma delimited files are more error prone when the data contains rich text, HTML, commas, quotes etc. Tabulator is a lot more reliable as delimiter when importing and exporting data. If you use Microsoft Excel here…

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Basic Math Based On User Answers in WatuPRO

A new shortcode in WatuPRO (from version lets you perform basic math on two of the user’s answers. This shortcode should be used only in the “Final screen” of a test. Here is the shortcode with all its possible parameters: Attributes: math (required) shows the math you want to perform.…

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Design Themes From WatuPRO 4.6.5

Design themes are available in our WordPress quiz plugin WatuPRO, starting from version 4.6.5. The design themes let you control how the quizzes look for your users. WatuPRO currently have 5 ready design themes. You can choose design theme in WatuPRO Settings page: Choose the theme and save. Now your quizzes will use the theme.…

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